Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Things Work For Good...

One year ago this month, an angry force of wind and rain named Ike, downed trees, flooded homes and practically wiped clean, anything and everything in his path. One year later, the cities of Galveston, & Houston are still recovering... still regrouping.

Ironically, this is the same force of nature, that I would follow directly into my new home of San Antonio. I remember vividly, feeling its effects from Atlanta. Delaying my trip, to allow Ike the right of passage over the highways I needed to travel. Once Ike gave his permission to begin my journey, I drove across the street to the nearest Quik Trip, only to discover that Ike would deny my gas station owner, delivery of the one thing I wanted to begin my journey... GASOLINE! Little did I know, it would be more than 8 days later before this owner, and many others like him, would receive the shipments of black gold their city needed.

It was only by GOD's grace that I was allowed the right of passage, through three states on little more that 1/2 tank of gas. But smooth sailing it was not as Ike decided that I would only be allowed to travel 8 hours before demanding that I spend an evening outside of New Orleans, while he wreaked more havoc. The next morning as I was granted safe passage, my heart was broken as I drove through the devastation. The trees, their children played under, now destroyed homes that were once safe havens for the families that occupied them. Roads below the highway... flooded. And even worse, there was no electricity for miles and miles. Power lines were down as far as the eye could see.

Ike finally allowed me to arrive in my new city unscathed, but emotionally disturbed by the havoc I witnessed. Originally, weather trackers predicted that Ike would make landfall on the coast nearest to my new home, racing through it to leave his mark. He decided not to. My new city was cheerfully waiting for me with open arms. Instead, I felt ripped apart from the family, friends and city that I called home base for more than 20 years. Much like the devastated cities I drove through, I knew the pain those families felt.

But all things work for good... and 1 year later, as I look back, I thank Ike for that experience. I realize now that it can be a good thing to be stripped from all that is familiar, in order to discover that which is waiting. Like those cities... I realize that I too, am in the process of rebuilding. This is just a part of the process. There are new adventures to he had. New discoveries to make... new voices inside. There's a new tune to sing.... and it's just waiting to be heard.