Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Quandry... Does It Ever End?

Writing. I’ve really missed it.

As is usually the case with me, life takes over and prevents me from doing those things that I love to do. Writing is just one of those things.

Letting life control the time I have available to devote to my passions, drive me insane. It’s one of those things I can control…and somehow I manage to lose this battle quite often.

Writing hasn’t been the only thing that’s found it’s way to the back burner… exercise and eating healthy have been lacking as well. Sleep and work never fail to win this never-ending war I seem to have with managing time… and not that these aren’t important issues. They too, need to be done. But here it is, November 22, 2009, and well on our way to 2010, and thinking about setting a New Years Resolution. Wasn’t this something I wrote about back in February??? Haven’t I already worked on this???

I now understand why the contestants on the “Biggest Loser” are stripped from their families and friends…away from their daily distractions, and allowed to concentrate on one thing…and one thing only… LOSE WEIGHT.

But those of us in the real world are not so lucky. I understand why I am… “Consistently Inconsistent!” The quandary is… “What do I do about it?”

The first thing that I’ve decided to do is… NOT BEAT MYSELF UP ABOUT IT!

I am going to pick my self up and I am going to start again.

The next thing I am going to do is…SCHEDULE IT IN.

If this were something important, like a doctors appointment or a conference call, I’d be putting in on my blackberry calendar and setting a reminder. Making the time for exercise, grocery shopping or cooking, shouldn’t be any different. My blackberry really does keep me on track and focused on what needs to happen. This is something that I feel really needs to happen… so it’s getting scheduled.

The last thing I plan to do is… KEEP IT SLOW AND SIMPLE.

I’m not going to make a whole lot of changes at once. I’m going to stick with what I know about eating clean & healthy, and simply being consistent with exercise. I’m not going to spend any money on boot camps, trainers or work out equipment. I’m going to simply concentrate on BEING CONSISTANT…THAT’S IT.

The same will apply to all of my passions. I will schedule them in and I will take more time to enjoy those too.

Wish me luck… AGAIN!