Sunday, May 10, 2009

Healthy Hedonism???

“Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell, there is excellence all around you and you need only be aware to stop and savor it!”

-Chef Gusteau from Ratataloiulle

There’s just no way around it…I LOVE GOOD FOOD! Pair it with a excellent wine…and I am in heaven.

I know I am not alone. Recently, a girlfriend who is also a chef, and I exchanged emails about how much we love food…and in it she joked that the next time she got married, she would hold the ceremony at the local farmers market. I responded in turn by announcing my candidacy for bridesmaid, so I could support her during her special day while proudly holding my colorful bouquet of fruits and vegetables. Lord knows…her wedding cake would certainly be a culinary masterpiece of pure genius!

And while we were only joking, I do have to admit that we are both struck by form of Hedonism….a school of philosophy which argues that pleasure has an ultimate importance. (Here we go again with The Pleasure Principle!) My rambling mind wanders a bit further venturing into legitimate territory, and made me question…Is it fair to deny one’s love of something? Can my love for food really be harnessed into a healthy hedonistic lifestyle?

Remy (the rat from Ratataloiulle) said it best…

“If you are what you eat…then I only want to eat the good stuff!”

I couldn't agree more! But I also know that it will take a bit more just than replacing butter with a healthy extra virgin olive oil, because Pam is definitely out of the question! While skipping dessert and adding more fruits and veggies is always a viable option, I still contend that at least for me, there is a definite disconnect between the mind, body and spirit. After all…these are practices that are and have always been in place for me. I have always been fairly decent about healthy food habits. I take a multi-vitamin and get some form of physical activity almost daily, limit my dairy intake since I have allergies, and I almost never indulge in fried or fast foods…but that can probably be attributed to …”Only wanting to eat the good stuff.” And even with that, as I am blogging these thoughts, I am putting the finishing touches on my very healthy Mojito Glazed Chicken that I plan to serve over a bed of fresh Black Bean & Corn Salsa…and will for go the Ginger-Lime Mojito beverage that you know was intended to accompany my Latin inspired cuisine. But I also know that if I always do, what I have always done, then I will always get, what I have always gotten. At least for now, I will maintain my status quo.

The first part of my scheduled tune ups begins next week…and I can’t wait to finally get started. Since I have planned a SERIES of tune ups…it is my hope that I will have the bulk of the answers I seek, just in time to celebrate my 42ND New Year!

Thinking ahead to my new year…I am once again reminded of the words from my new friend, Chef Gusteau…

“Not everyone can become a great artist..but a great artist can come from anywhere!”

… Well, here’s to the great artist I hope to become! It is the perfect opportunity to create my ultimate masterpiece!

Oh...and here's the recipe to the "Mojito Chicken"... For the record...I did skip the Yuca Fries in lieu of the black bean & corn salsa...although they did look & sound pretty yummy! No fried foods... remember???


  1. wonderful ost..very good..and I can't wait to try that chicken, hormone free of course but I love trying new foods...and I'll splash mine with some coconut rice and beans..yummee:)

  2. You GO Girl...and don't be shy about sharing that Coconut Rice & Beans recipe either! Oh and your "Enchanted Wkend" pics are on the way! Love ya!