Friday, December 4, 2009

Things That Make You Say...MMMMM!!!

Just 4 short weeks ago... I returned from a mesmerizing excursion of a few of GOD's great treasures. I was fascinated by the architectural beauty in "The City of Love," and immeasurably stirred by "The Gift of the Nile." I was blessed to witness ruins left behind by Egyptian ancestors, contemplated the mysteries of the Great Pyramids, and swam with some of God's most colorful creatures, in the magnificent blue waters of his Northern Red Sea. Truly, it was one of the most captivating and stimulating treks I've ever taken.

When I think back to the planning process of such an adventure as this...I can't help but to confess... my first revelations were... of course... the food! While most will research guides and various internet sites, one of my first purchases when starting my research was..."Edible Adventures in Paris" by Clotilde Dusoulier.

Surprisingly, none of my friends would be shocked by this. I've often said..."the best way to explore any city is through its food!" Surely, I am not the only traveler out there who starts out by asking,"...what kinds of food are available???" Am I the only one who wonders about the food specialties of the area??? You say France... I say wine, croissants and escargot. You say Peru... I say pisco, cuy and chicha. You say Egypt... I say couscous, lamb kabobs and karkaday. You say Texas...I say Tex-Mex food, tequila and BBQ. You say East Orange...I say Italian hot dogs, Italian cheeseburgers and potato chip sandwiches. I love food and I think you get the point...

And it's to this muse that I ask the question..."Could there be a correlation between food and lovemaking?" Please take a moment to notice that I did not say...SEX! I really did mean to say...lovemaking! Is it such a stretch to equate the shopping for a great meal and wine to foreplay? Or the act of preparing and cooking an extraordinary meal, to the act of making love? Or better yet, sitting down and enjoying that remarkably magnificent meal to a climactic finish??? Laugh if you will, but I think I may be on to something here!

I now understand why Paris is nicknamed "The City of Love," and Egypt, "The Gift of The Nile." Paris has well known reputation for offering some of the best food and wine in the world, yet little is said about the emerald lushness that is birthed from the Nile. It gives me great pleasure to assure you that EVERY EFFORT was made to partake in all of the lovemaking that both Paris and Egypt had to offer me!

You say food... and I say... MMMM, MMMM GOOD!

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