Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out With The Old... Reflections from 2009

I've never been one to dwell upon the negative.

I pride myself on being able to see the positive in all things. I also consider myself an objective person, with the ability to see both sides of any argument.

Surprisingly, I am happy to depart ways with 2009... and look positively to what lies ahead in 2010. As with any year filled with trials and tribulations, 2009 stands apart as a year of struggle in many areas of my life. Even when I look back over the blogs of 2009, It is quite evident that despite my forceful efforts to break free of my weight constrictions, I've failed miserably. The truth is ... I am only 10lbs beyond my original starting weight of 2009. Obviously, this is not exactly where I saw myself, when I started this quest last February. After an entire year of yo-yo-ing, I can positively say with out a shadow of a doubt...


Here's another thing I know for sure...

Trying to concentrate on doing EVERYTHING WELL... is a fantastic recipe for FAILURE! Why? When you dabble in a lot of little things... you never learn to perfect anything! I know a little about a lot of things...but I am really not a true expert at anything. This is certainly a great thing if my goal was only to be a well rounded individual. Looks like less is more and focus needs to become more of a priority.

Here's another thing I know for sure...

When I look at my life's big picture and the direction that I see myself headed, It can't happen the way I see it happening,if I don't learn to conquer the one elusive challenge I've never been able to defeat... weight. It's not enough anymore to be the healthiest fat person your doctors ever met. It's time to re-invent myself... it's time to focus.

With this thought in mind, I've decided to narrow my focus and dedicate this year to weight and writing. Sure, I want to be a better daughter, sister, auntie, friend, lover, employee, entrepreneur, etc., but none of that is possible until I learn to focus on the one task that contributes to them all.

The last thing I know for sure...

2009 provided a great foundation for what's to come. For example, one of the things I re-enforced about myself in 2009, was that I am consistently inconsistent. As much as I despise routine, it's a necessary evil that is needed to move me out of my comfort zone. (2) Clean eating combined with supporting local food producers that use green, eco-friendly and organic methods is certainly a foundational course I'd love to build upon. (3) Slow and steady works... as hard as it may be, I am learning the value of patience. I guess I can't be in a rush for everything???

So here we go...onto new year... with the same ole' me... ONLY BETTER and WISER!!!

Here's to FOCUSED and FABULOUS 2010!!!

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