Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparations are underway...

             I am back from a three month trek of Central America, and I am armed and ready to assist my Mother with her personal battle against breast cancer.  Unfortunately, this isn't her first battle with cancer, but I am bound and determined to make sure this her last.  She's got a tough fight ahead of her so going in. We know that this won't be easy.  Her doctors all agree that chemotherapy in combination with radiation will be the best treatment process for her. She's not happy about it and is well aware of the havoc that both will wreck to her physical body. I can't say that I blame her.  The side effects will be harsh... Her hair will fall out.  She'll battle constant fatigue. Her skin and nails will become dry irritated and brittle,  and that doesn't even begin to address the stomach issues, achy soreness and mouth sores she'll probably experience. Quite frankly, I think that my biggest concern will be what damage will be done to her emotional self being. It will be difficult to fight a good fight without a positive spirit.

            Revving up for this fight will be no small feat for me either.  While I know I can do my part to keep her spirit in check and provide her with transportation and support, I recognize that there are many other areas that will need to be addressed.  While the doctors do their best to fix her inside, I will do what I can to fix her outside. 

            The first task I want to tackle is her home.  The Interior Designer in me knows that a beautiful and comfortable home in itself, can be a very powerful thing.  If your home is your castle and home is where the heart is... then it makes sense that it should be a source of peace and tranquility too. Providing additional storage, great lighting, and a few new pieces of furniture should do just the trick. Throwing in a few great smelling candles probably wouldn't hurt either.  

            The second task that probably needs to be addressed is skin care. Anticipating her potential problems BEFORE they arise isn't going to be an easy thing, but I know that she'll rest easy knowing that she'll have a potential solution in the works.  Researching clean and perhaps organic, all natural ingredients should be the way to go.  I've also got a good head start since I've done a bit of experimentation on myself for years. I feel confident that in time I will be able to develop a skin care line might do just the trick, and not just for Mommy, but perhaps for all the cancer patients out there who will battle the same dreaded disease.  Just maybe cancer patients will be able to keep their sexy throughout their battle, instead of having to bring it back!

            Lastly, and probably most importantly, I recognize that providing her food as fuel will be essential.  Powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals should assist with not just the fuel she'll need, but help to repair damaged and destroyed cells will be crucial, both internally as well as externally. But which foods will provide the best plan of action will require a bit more research, structure and guidance.  Once again, I know that we'll need to go clean all the way.  No pesticides, hormones, additives, or preservatives will be welcomed here!  Now if I can just get Mommy to go along with it.

She is my only remaining parent and I am aware this is the fight of her lifetime.  Diabetes may have taken my father… but cancer will not take my mother without a fight… and this is one battle that I am surely prepared to win!!!



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