Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Law of Motion - A "Love Month" Précis

“To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
- Sir Issac Newton

We put our strategy into action and execute to the best of our ability. We are driven. We are determined. We are focused. The self-proclaimed “Month of Love” had begun. But despite our best intentions, things don’t always turn out the way we plan. Life throws us a curve ball or two, and we find ourselves back where we started… discouraged, distracted and unmotivated. Yet, through it all…if we are lucky enough to see it…somewhere in there…is a lesson to be learned.

During the month of February, I had a plan and was willing to take action. I promised that I would put myself first. I was motivated to take charge of my need to exercise, as well as my want to make better food choices. I planned to work fewer hours and achieve more balance in my life.

In the précis of February, it turns out that despite my best intentions, I worked more hours during this month than ever before. I was too tired to wake up early for my workouts, and opted to sleep in, so I could go in early to labor endlessly. In retrospect, I would call that an opposite reaction…wouldn’t you?

But here’s the lesson: When faced with the challenges of stress and long hours, the normal reward would have been a fabulous meal with an equally fabulous bottle of wine. This time I was more mindful of the choices I made, and opted for bubble baths instead of food. Meals for the week were planned and prepared instead of grabbing the first thing that was quick and available. The Observance of Lent brought about my giving up my beloved “noble nectar of the gods!” (Now there’s an opposite reaction I didn’t expect!) As a direct result of just being cognizant and fully present…I lost 11.4 lbs! Not the result I originally set out to achieve…but a glimmer of hope nonetheless.

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction???"

For every objective I failed to meet…there was an unexpected consequence that resulted in the positive. Not only was I able to recognize my “Pleasure Principle,” but I was also able to understand that just maybe, it is possible to “Teach This Old Dog a New Trick” or two! March is here…Spring is just around the corner. Taking into consideration that I wasn’t able to tackle the challenges I set for myself in February, I think this is where my focus should remain for March. It is afterall, the month when trees and flowers begin to bloom...and rebirth begins again. I will not be discouraged. I will not be defeated. I will pick myself up, brush myself off and refocus once again. I refuse to lose sight of the fact that “The best times of my life have not yet been lived!”

For the record, I did purchase my Amethyst, whose sole purpose was to ward off negativity and celebrate “Love Month”. Looks like its working! .


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