Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fortune Cookies

"The best times of your life have not yet been lived..."

That was the fortune I received during a working lunch with my team this week, as we partook in the delight of Chinese cuisine.

"!?! … Sure would be a tough act to follow! If I died tomorrow...all is well with my soul!"

That was my initial reaction. But as is the usual process with my train of thought was broken, and I proceeded to whatever may have been more pressing at that particular time. Later, settling into the still of the early evening, with a glass of wine in tow, (No, I haven't broken that habit yet)...My thoughts trailed back to my kismet.

Lets face it...GOD'S been MORE that good to me!

I've loved and been loved. I've traveled. I've had some challenges...and learned a few lessons from the mistakes I've made, (…one would hope, anyway!) I've tasted the best of GOD'S green earth...from food to wine and other things in between. I even have the best girlfriends in the whole wide world! Who could ask for more than that???

No sooner than I could finish the thought...a little voice spoke to me and said;

"You have yet to conquer your weight loss challenges!"

And just like the good angel perched on one shoulder, with the fallen angel on the other...I heard another voice...

"True Dat...True Dat!"

We all struggle with something. Sometimes we wrestle with more than one thing. For me, the mêlée is more than food. It's a constant battle with "My Pleasure Principle." There's one lesson I haven't learned...and that's how to have anything...IN MODERATION! Here we go again..."BAD HABITS!"

I’ve battled with weight all my life. I was the cute, chubby, toddler who grew into a well developed, thick young teen, who finally settled into the voluptuous, femme fatale’, I am currently. I’ve never known anything different. This is the life I knew, and had come to accept. So how would life change, IF I could finally conquer my weight loss challenges…and then maintain them?!?! For me, conquering weight loss means being able to take advantage of things that most people take for granted, like:

…. Shopping in specialty stores such as “BeBe or Victoria’s Secret”, as opposed to “Lane Bryant and The Avenue.”

… Looking fabulous in my wet suit as I am water skiing or scuba diving.

… Not having to worry about weight limits when skydiving or even playing with a Wii.

Or, how about achieving the desires I have only fantasized about... such as:

… Hiking the Inca trails of my beloved Machu Picchu, which can take a minimum of four days and three nights to ascend.

…Having the sexy and fabulous arms, shoulders and back that I have always wanted.

…Skydiving or hang gliding without having to worry about what the required weight limit is?

...Wearing a bathing suit (not even a bikini) at the pool or beach, without being self-concious about what others think.

I could go on with these issues that are due primarily because weight is a hindrance…but I won’t. The point is…most don’t give these matters a second thought… and yet I must, because I have yet to conquer,”My Pleasure Principle!” I have thoughts yet to be generated… simply because I haven’t created the opportunity to conceive them!

I guess the cookie was right…the best times of my life, have not yet been lived. Now… I am anxious to discover the kind of existence I have yet to construct!

Oh...the possibilities!!! And they are lined up, just waiting to create the best life I don't even know is waiting for me!!!


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