Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Profitability Of A Well Planned Investment

I have never been one to push principles or practices on anyone…but I have always been glad to share or exchange information, when products, theories, and/or ideas, meet or exceeds an expectation. I don’t think there is much surprise to any of you, that over the last few weeks, I’ve been singing the praises of foods grown without pesticides, hormones, and harmful chemicals. I’ve tried hard to simply concentrate of the concept of consuming only the most natural food available, while eliminating processed foods and products that contain preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners/flavorings. The subject of my experiment…to adjust my thinking towards a more healthy, and natural lifestyle, while experiencing just how practical, affordable and sustainable such a lifestyle can be.

My findings…
At the monthly follow up visit to my doctor to determine if a plan of attack might be needed to aggressively defend a family history of high blood pressure… not only was it down to a respectable 126/82…but I also had an unexpected drop in weight loss of a whooping 6.2 lbs! These findings may not sound like much…but in only 30 days, truly they are amazing! Let me share with you why that is…

, let me reiterate… my concentration was only on eliminating the processed foods and trying to eat foods in an organic or more natural state. There was absolutely no effort what so ever to incorporate any less or more activity that I normally would have expended. For example, I eliminated “Splenda” and replaced it with 100% pure raw cane sugar (turbinado), honey, or agave nectar. White rice, potatoes and breads were replaced with 100% whole grains, brown rice or sweet potatoes. Meats like pork, beef and chicken were hormone & steroid free, grass or vegetable fed and all natural. Dairy and goat products (like cheese & milk) were naturally homogenized, organic, and growth hormone free. Fruits & veggies were either organic or local. This also takes into consideration, last week’s party, in which, untold amounts of margaritas & beer were consumed, and well as (2) 16 oz. diet cokes (because I was tired of drinking plain water,) ½ of a small red potato, and 1 entire ear of corn. I swear…I didn’t touch a fry or a hush puppy…but will confess that they were screaming my name to the top of their lungs! I wanted them badly…but resisted the temptation! Yeah me!

Secondly, I was also determined to reduce my carbon footprint…and found that is was an easy compromise, since a lot of these concessions were costing me a fortune. I brought my own reusable bags to any store I spent my dollars in. There are a few that willingly apply small discounts for not using the paper or plastic they supply. I opted for locally grown products when the cost of organic was more than I was willing to spend. When you combine these small savings with ever-growing healthcare costs and medications I might need in the near future, given my family history of diabetes and high blood pressure…I would have to say that I am leaps and bounds ahead of my expenditures. Considering that diabetes killed my father much earlier than it should have, I prefer to look at it as an… “INVESTMENT IN MY GOOD HEALTH & WELL BEING!”

, let me please restate for the record…I am not at all declaring that this is a miracle cure to fix whatever ails you…nor am I trying to push this concept upon you. I am simply stating that I have found something that seems to work well for me. What works for some, may not work for others…but just it’s one idea, one inspiration, one muse.

Since we are talking about inspirations, I’ve decided to take my experiment to the next level. For the next 30 days, from July 12th – August 12th, I will take what I have learned about healthy eating and put it into practice, while incorporating a sustainable and reasonable exercise plan that can easily be incorporated into my crazy and hectic life. Nothing extreme…and nothing more than what I’ve already discussed. Just healthy eating combined with a minimum of 30-45 minutes of exercise, six days a week. And since I’ve already put my money where my mouth is (literally,) what have I got to lose except a few extra pounds???

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