Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Meal...One Day At A Time

Last weeks posting brought about a barrage of questions and interest surrounding my 30 day experiment. I thought is might be easier to answer the most commonly asked questions, by listing them below…

Q: Does your diet have a name?
A: Yes & No. Although the “concept” is known as “Clean Eating,” I would clarify by labeling it is as more of a choice or a lifestyle, than a diet. The soul of “Clean Eating” is simply consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. Sadly, it’s not even a new concept. Before the invention of preservatives and fast food drive thrus, it was the way our parents and grand parents have eaten for generations. Simply put, if it isn’t grown in the ground…or if it doesn’t have a mother… Don’t eat it!

Q: What are the basic rules or ideas surrounding “Clean Eating?”
A: Ahhh! That’s a simple one, because this is so easy to follow! Start with lots of healthy fruits and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs that are 100% whole grains. Try to purchase seasonal, and locally grown whenever possible. It will be cheaper and reduces your carbon footprint. Choose organic, pesticide & hormone free products where available. Finally, avoid processed and refined foods like white flour, white sugar, white pasta along with saturated and trans-fats. Choose healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil. Yes it will be a bit more expensive…but the fewer toxic chemicals and steroids in your body, the better.

Q: Are you only eating raw?
A: No. Most cooking methods apply, such as roasting, sautéing, grilling, braising stewing, slow cooking & searing. Frying is the only unhealthy method I can think of…but I’ve never been a fan, anyway.

Q: Are there any trick of the trade that you might recommend?
A: Yes. As a general rule, always keep in mind…”If it isn’t grown from the ground…or if it doesn’t have a mother…DON’T EAT IT!” Also, be label savvy. Clean foods will generally have one or two ingredients, which you should be able to pronounce. Partially hydrogenated, sodium aluminosilted, dipotassium-ANYTHING should be avoided at all costs. Also avoid items that are high in sugar content

Q: Do you find this lifestyle challenging, restrictive or boring?
A: On the contrary, I find it invigorating as well as creative! It’s actually given me a new inspiration while creating an appetite for learning and a curiosity for new foods & products I’ve never used before. It’s feeding not only my body, but my soul and spirit too! It does require a shift in mindset. I have to make a conscience effort to plan my menu weekly, which requires advanced shopping and preparations efforts. When I do not allow the time for this crutial step...I find that I often set myself up for failure because that means eating out when I am hungry, which in my case, can lead to faulty decision making. Planning ahead is more likely to set me up for success. Over all, I’d have to say that’s not such a bad plan, and not at all boring in the least.

I think that I've answered all questions and concerns, but if you feel that there is something I may have missed…please feel free to comment on the site or contact me personally. I will do my best to answer your questions as thoroughly & as quickly as I can. Also, I acknowledge that many are curious about my result, thus far, but please know that (good or bad,) my plan will be to report back to you the Sunday following August 12th...since that falls mid week.



  1. this is a good blog auntie.


  2. Thank you MY BOOKIES! I am very glad that you read it, and proud that you enjoyed it! I love you BUNCHES!!!