Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There’s a tree outside my office. Although I know nothing about trees, this one looks pretty old. It’s not a big tree at all. In fact, it looks a bit fragile. Over time, it’s lost a few branches, and has been pruned a few times to maintain its shape. For only the second time, I watched as is shed its leaves, and replace them with tiny little buds. Bit by bit the buds grew large enough to cover the bare branches it once had, just a few short weeks ago. Before I knew it, my fragile little tree gave itself new life as it burst with hanging lilac blooms and let its flowery bouquet explode throughout the air.

Spring. It’ my favorite season of the year (next to Autumn, of course!) Just last weekend, I was enjoying the warm sun from my patio, when my family of humming birds let me know that they were still around. I had not seen them all winter, but there they were fluttering pretty darn close to where I was sitting. They had never done that before.

The freshest fruits and newest vegetables are emerging from the growers at my favorite Saturday market. Crisp spinach, vibrantly red swiss chard, and newly picked kale displayed ever so beautifully, waiting to be bought. Children are out in full force riding their scooters and bikes. It’s time to walk the neighborhood, or take that visit to the local park. Our days are getting longer. It’s that time when we start shedding those wintry layers, exposing what’s really underneath it all. It’s a time of fresh new growth, renewal and opportunities ahead.

The truth is… I am really excited about it all. After weeks of dedication yielding no results, finally a glimmer of hope appears to re-ignite my motivation. The newest clean eating changes that I made have bloomed into an encouraging outcome. Spring brought with it, a break in what seemed to be a never ending plateau, and magically fixed my scale to move in the right direction! Clear-cut changes made to eliminate the sugars, along with a switch from four to six meals a day, made all the difference for my metabolism. It’s still a not without its challenges, but with the change of the season, I am optimistically looking forward to this something new ahead.

Funny thing is… although things may feel different, the heart and soul of it all is really quite the same! Amazing that happens, huh?!?!?

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