Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eagles, Bears and Butterflies

Happy 2011!

This is one year that I was happy to see arrive.  I don't not mean to imply for one moment that 2010 was in any way, a bad year.  Quite the contrary.  In short 2010 was a year demanding change.  It was a force to be reckoned with and required strength, vision and purpose. Most of which I didn't think I possessed for much of the year.  I was just flowing through life,  doing what needed to be done.  For every great experience, I can see an equally not so great experience.  For every moment of laughter, I can remember moments that weren't so amusing.  For every rise there is a fall.  We are in a constant state of flux. Life is full of change.  Life can be unpredictable.  But above all... LIFE IS!

One of the tasks that I was bound and determined to accomplish before the end of 2010 was to unpack my office.  Although I moved out of my corporate apartment in June, life just wouldn't allow me the time to fully unpack my life.  Necessity forced the completion of the kitchen, living,  dining  and my mother's room, but beyond that, everything else was shoved into my office to be completed at a more favorable time.

Within a month, I was able to find the time to set up my desk, computer, printer and  a random box containing a few framed photographs from my travels. As I unwrapped them, I noticed a recurring theme of symbolic animals that strangely resonated with me.  It wasn't the first time I admired them. Frankly, it was the very reason why they were framed. They were beautiful, and I was proud of my early works. They represent more than blissful memories from my travels to Alaska and Iguassu Falls, but the aspiration to travel more, as I believe it fulfills a larger part of my life's journey.  Immediately, despite the mess in the room, they were hung. There were enjoyed often.

Sadly, not much after that got accomplished, and my office remained filled with boxes and unorganized bookshelves.  It bothered me, but I was able to get work done.  Deep down I knew that if I was ever going to accomplish any of the goals I set for myself, I had to unpack the boxes and get rid of the clutter.  I am a firm believer that love,  prosperity and creativity cannot flow and multiply in a cluttered space.

I was finally able to accomplish my task during the very last week of 2010.

Strangely enough, the photos began to represent more than just blissful memories.  As life continues on, it is becoming more evident that change must take place in order for me to live the life I was meant to live.  One stage must end in order for another to begin. A life in flux.

The photos: A proud eagle, a showy toucan, a pretty relaxed and content brown bear...all separate photos, but all perched in trees, observing the worlds above and below.  The others are four different butterflies, each so striking displaying their abstract colors and patterns.

Eagles. A symbol represented in many country seals and coat of arms through out our world.  Even our money displays an eagle of it's face. It's importance is to signify vision, power and strength.  Physically and literally, with the eagles ability to soar and rise above the earth, its symbolism represents not only spiritual protection, but brings with it courage, wisdom, balance, grace and dignity.

Bears.  The symbol of patience, confidence, nurturing and protection.  Native Americans and European cultures recognize the bear a peaceful source of strength of duality, benevolence, and an awakening of intuition and instinct. Have you ever referred to anyone as "Mama BEAR?"

Butterflies. The universal symbol of transformation, enlightenment, fertility and resurrection.  Imagine your whole life changing or experiencing a metamorphosis to such an extreme that you are unrecognizable at the end of your process.  In the Greek, "PSYCHE" which translates to "SOUL" is often represented by the butterfly.

There were many things that 2010 taught me.  But one of the most important was the lesson of selling myself  short.  Looking back on it now I realize that I possess more attributes than I ever gave myself credit for. As I admire my photos each day, I can now see them with new eyes.  Despite the changing winds of life, there's a bit of eagle, bear and butterfly in all of us.  Maybe there's a bit of the showy toucan as well?!?!  

Here's to bringing sexy back... Happy 2011!

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