Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Enchanting Week End???

I am not ashamed to tell you when I've let me just start right off by saying...I FAILED BIG-TIME!!!

Friday night I decided to visit my friends at my favorite sushi restaurant, Osaka's. I don't think I am wrong when I say that this place is my 2009 version of "CHEERS!" It holds a special place in my heart because, being new to a city and having the entire restaurant staff befriend you...well that makes it pretty darn special. Needless to say, these were in fact, my first (non-work related) friends in Texas.

I digress for a moment to share with you, research shows on average that a person stops at a fast food drive thru, or orders take out, 3-4 times per week. Since I consider version of fast food... My friends at Osaka's can usually count on seeing me at least 1-2 times per week. With the stresses of work, I had not visited my beloved restaurant in over two weeks. And while I can say that it's nice to be's probably not good during LENT OBSERVANCE!!! Hugs, kisses & smiles are usually considered standard practice for long absences...please know for future reference that at Osaka's, they do all that...and send you SAKE ON THE HOUSE!!! For those who remember that I gave up alcohol for Lent, sending me sake was probably not the best gift one could receive. To top it all of the bartenders was experimenting, and apparently was awaiting my arrival, so that I could try his version of a “Sake-Rita.”

How could I possibly say “NO” to the man who loves to feed me...and the man who loves to serve me??? Saying “NO” seems like a slap in the face for those who so affectionately professed their love for me...RIGHT??? (Ok...I realize that was a bit of a stretch, but I think you get the picture!!!)

Feeling guilty about my collapse...the next morning, (after apologizing to GOD for not holding up my promise, less than 2 weeks before Easter) I got up and started my trek to Austin. My Texas Girlfriend and I were in compliance when we mutually agreed to partake in activities that involved more than just moving a fork or a glass. This Saturday, we would climb "Enchanted Rock!" It is second in size to Georgia's Stone Mountain, and Indian Legend has it that this rock is haunted. But the actual truth is, when it cools at night, it makes a creaking noise. Although it takes the better part of an hour, this pink mountain of granite ascends 500 feet up to its summit, where climbers are rewarded with magnificent vistas of Texas Hill Country.More than half way up the steep terrain, sweaty, hot and completely out of breath, I managed to musty up enough air to jokingly complain to my girlfriend...

"Are we there yet???"

Much to my surprise, she manages the energy to turn completely around...and re-works her ventilation to respond...

"But just look at how far we've come!"

Right then and there, I knew that there was a lesson to be had...but I was too sweaty & out of breathe to figure out what it was...but I hoped that once I got to the top, I could figure it out! Since I had 250 feet still left to climb...I figured that was plenty of time!

Well we got there … and were pretty damn proud that we made it to the peak…our zenith, our pinnacle!

It wasn’t until my Sunday drive home that I realized…”When it comes to weight loss…I’ve still got a long way to go!”

Sure I’ve had some ups and some downs…some challenges and some successes. This is my life. There are always going to be obstacles. There will always be a temptation, a set back, a joy or a pain. There will always be a fork in the wheel.

I think that is the way it was meant to be. After all, how will we ever know how strong we are? Can we appreciate the ups of life…if we haven’t experienced the downs? I believe that our level of happiness can be directly proportionate to the level of disappointment or failures we face. This was the first Lent Observance in which I didn’t accomplish what I sent out to do…and yet it was the most eye opening experience yet! Why??? It wasn’t about the alcohol as much as it was that I was looking for clarity…I needed answers! Despite my failure…I set an expectation…and in return, I got just what I needed, even when I didn’t deserve it!

Go Figure?!?

I guess it was an “Enchanted Week End” after all, huh???

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  1. I wanna see more pictures!!! And I wanna make it out there.this place looks and sounds beautiful:) Great blog!