Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time for a Tune Up...

OKAY…so I didn’t hide under that rock…I decided to stay and face music! But how well did I do???

I mean...REALLY??? The thought has crossed my mind on more than once ...when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance...
"Do I really have what it takes to get the job done and keep it from happening again???"

Let's face it. There is always going to be a reason to eat! There will always be an upcoming holiday, a reason to celebrate...or a friend coming in town??? How does one retrain their thinking, so that celebrations don't always center totally around food? How can one strengthen their willpower to resist temptation? How does one achieve bliss in the land of weight loss heaven???


A very dear friend came down for a visit. I absolutely adore this man, and we've shared a most endearing camaraderie for almost 15 years. We've been through a lot together...but despite it all, the one constant that has always been present ... OUR LOVE FOR THE FINEST GASTRONOMY! We love to FEED each other... and after all, that is how we (and most) show our appreciation or affection for one another...isn't it??? I've been known to cook dinner for him on occasion, and he loves to treat me to the latest and greatest eateries in his neck of the woods. So in preparation for his visit, I took the liberty of researching all of "THE BEST" Texas Barbeque, Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Margaritas, this town would have to offer... knowing this would be something that he would certainly enjoy. I have always been adorned with the title of "GRACIOUS HOST" ... and while my quest to not disappoint was always forefront, I managed to successfully retain my illustrious title during his visit.

Being once again, struck by my “Pleasure Principle,” at no time during the weekend did I stop to think about caloric content, or even fat grams. My version of making a smart food choice was choosing between chicken or beef; anejo or reposado tequila. Did I make good food choices? Probably not always…but they sure were YUMMMMMMY! And for the commrade also agrees that "IRON CACTUS" has the best margaritas on the "Riverwalk!"

The truth is...if it's not "Fiesta" or "Christmas" or " Pick a day to CELEBRATE and I will give you a REASON to EAT" day... Do I REALLY have what it takes to make this work and create the body I want as well as the lifestyle to maintain my desire???

I guess maybe the better question to ask is… how much am I willing to sacrifice to get what I want? How badly do I really want it? How do I resist all of the food temptations out there so that I can be totally focused on achieving my goal?

This isn't the first time a friend has come to visit...and be rest assured, this probably isn't going to be the last. The visits seem to be a quandry that I battle almost monthly... and yet I toil daily with that quest to achieve the perfect balance between my love for food and my desire to be thinner. There are days…weeks even, where I manage to do well. There are probably an equal number of days where my “Pleasure Principle” seems to override what little discipline I seem to acquire. This engine doesn't seem to be performing the way it should be. There seems to be a definite disconnect between thoughts and actions. It is painfully obvious that all spark plugs are not firing equally and consistently, and this can certainly affect the performance of this vehicle.

Looks like its probably time for a tune up… before this vehicle BREAKS DOWN!

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  1. stay the course I've had to make alot of changes to my own diet because of health reasons, no chicken, no pork, no beef, no dairy, no ice cream, no yogurt, if i can do it lady anybody can. My choice was pain or feeling good. Enough said. And this will be a blog post for me to share soon.