Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy LOVE Month

Today is a very special day for me.

Today is February 1st, 2009. Outside of the obvious...Super Bowl XLIII Sunday, Black History Month, and every one's favorite Valentine's Day...(Yes, I am being sarcastic!)... today is the day that I begin to put MYSELF first! Today is the beginning of my very own, self-proclaimed..."MONTH OF LOVE." It is also the day that I begin my first ever blog…in an effort to remind myself that I come first!

One could easily assume that a single woman with no children would not have difficulty putting herself first. But more times than not, that is not the case. Family and friends do not hesitate to ask more favors or assistance because the assumption is made that… “there is less responsibility.” Bosses won't hesitate to expect more from the single employee than their married counterparts because… ”they don't have the family pressures that most of us do.” And of course, my self-imposed favorite... “the deadline is approaching fast...come in early and work late until it's done.”

It's my own fault. I set that expectation. I am the one that allows it to happen. I am the one who lets people take advantage. I am the one who refuses to say NO. During this symbolic "MONTH OF LOVE", I say YES TO ME! I have made the choice to love and value myself and I will set the expectation for others to follow suit.

So what does this really mean for me and how do I plan to put my words to ACTION?
I am making a commitment to put myself first. One of the areas of my life that has been severely neglected is my diet and exercise commitment. When I choose to put work first, I am choosing not to plan my meals, or get up early to work out. Therefore, I eat whatever is quick and available and not what is healthy or nutritious. After a 12-14 hour day I am almost always too tired to do anything else but sleep. By putting myself first I am now choosing to set time aside first thing in the morning for my work out. This means saying it's okay to take time out to plan my meals for the week, which allows me permission for something else that I love to in my kitchen!

Coincidentally, the birthstone for the month is February is Amethyst. Many believe this purple stone to be a stabilizing force for those struggling to overcome addictive behaviors. It is also known to be a calming, tranquil influence that symbolizes peace and wards off negativity.

In my effort to bring my sexy back… I am making small but tangible changes. I bought a gym membership, I am leaving my office at 6 pm (and I’ll try not to work through lunch) and I’m gonna go shopping for a piece of Amethyst to help me with my struggle to break these bad habits I’ve created. I don’t know if this will work…but at least I’ve got a constant reminder in front of me…symbolizing what it is I wish to achieve.

Happy Love Month to YOU!

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  1. love it..putting yourself first is the start of something wonderful....more time for you, more opps for love and yes and better u...go girl! Happy Love Month:)